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Our Mission Team

God is clear that, as disciples of Jesus Christ, we are to go into the world declaring the Gospel (Acts 1:8).  As we look to Jesus as our example, we see that many times He did that first by providing the physical needs of those around Him.  God has called our mission team to lead our church to go out and DO the Gospel by serving the community, and beyond, in a “hands on”, practical way.  Here are just a few of the ministries we either support or are a part of…

This Year’s Mission Projects

Matt Lynch Family serving in Hungary
Agape Flights
Camp Koinonia
Weekend Backpack Food Project With Plain and Perry Schools
Donated 26 sheet sets to Domestic Violence
Delivered 52 sunshine bags to Community Hospice for hospice patients and families
Support to Sarah & Peter McCurdy, missionaries to Costa Rica
Support to Heart Reach Neighborhood Ministries in Youngstown
Support to David & Tiffany Lamb, missionaries to Papua New Guinea

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